Chatter Box

Constant chatter can be quite annoying especially if you are you are trying to accomplish something that requires concentration.  Then, chatter just gets on your nerves!

But if you’re a young child, chatter is a good thing and its never too early to hear it and you can never get too much of it..  Studies have shown that when children hear a lot of chatter in their early years, they develop better language skills.  Obviously!  Your chatter is teaching them to talk in complete sentences and attaching words to objects.  Your child is watching every move you make because through your chatter you are the star that has their attention.  They have your attention.  It is a win, win for parent/child bonding.

Are you at a loss for words?  Don’t be.  All you have to do is just tell your child what you are doing while you go about your daily tasks.  They love to hear your voice.  In the beginning you’ll sound like a monkey but soon it will all start to make sense.  You’ll be rewarded with smiles, giggles and claps for your efforts.

Oh, and if you are reading this and your child is older, it’s never to late to start talking to them either.  It has its rewards too.

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