Zoom School Is Over, Now What?

Never before, in your child’s academic career, is it so important for summer review. If you want your child to succeed in their next grade level, reviewing really shouldn’t be negotiable for you or your child.

In my previous post, Successful Virtual Students, I gave tips on how to make this unique learning environment a positive experience for your child. Sadly many children did not get as much out of their zoom classroom as we had hoped. Most children are not mature enough, especially in elementary school, to learn key skills without a teacher physically present with them in a brick and mortar setting.

During the 2020-2021 school year I was the Target Learning teach for our elementary school after the first six weeks. We were in the classroom from day one, following Covid 19 guidelines, but there was also an option to remain at home and Zoom. Those that returned to the classroom, even after going virtual for only 9 weeks, had fallen behind their peers that were in the classroom. Many ended up being my students and it took the remaining school year to try to catch up.

My point is……if your child was virtual for even part of this past school year, they are probably behind academically. I finally told a mother with a child struggling in math that I didn’t think virtual learning was the best learning style. I pointed out that in the classroom the teacher is walking around catching mistakes before they became a habit. After the first couple of weeks of being back and grades rising, the child told me ,”I’m a better student in school”.

With some exceptions, they are all better students in the classroom.

Missing paper……check your desk

Not paying attention…..a tap on the shoulder as the teacher walks by

Not understanding….the teacher can immediately, one on one, walk them through the steps

There are so many ways that a teacher helps students in the classroom that’s just not possible virtually.

I know it’s not your job to teach your child but last year wasn’t a normal school year. Your job, for now, is to make sure your child’s language arts and math skills are on grade level. Order a review book for the level they just completed. Send them to a learning center. Hire a tutor but DO NOT let them be stagnate academically over the summer. A good foundation makes it easier to learn new material. The next grade teacher will start the year with a review of what was taught in the previous grade but won’t spend a lot of time on it. They have new material to teach within the school year.

Don’t let your child start the new school year behind. They don’t have time to play catch up.

The time to review is NOW!

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