Do Something Everyday For Someone Who Can Never Repay You

At some point in time I read somewhere,” Do something every day for someone who can never repay you”. I try to live up to that quote. I’m not successful everyday. I interpret the quote to mean to be kind and thoughtful so if I’m out and about its not hard to stay on track. Be kind to people, be kind to animals, and be kind to your environment. It’s really pretty simple.

I transport rescue dogs so they can be united with their new family or safely watched by a rescue until their forever family comes along. Those precious dogs can’t repay me for the time or money that I’ve invested in their future but the kisses of gratitude are priceless.

A couple of winters ago in Wyoming I saw a woman starting to walk with her elderly mother on an icy sidewalk that I had almost slipped on. I told her why she might not want to continue that way. Do I expect to have them do something for me? No, the chances of ever seeing either of them again is very slim.

In my 20’s I had just gotten off of a very bumpy flight in a small plane. A young mother from that same flight ended up in the ladies room in a panic. She was so nauseous and didn’t know what to do with her baby. I held her baby until she was able to do so herself. We never exchanged names (although at this point in time I would probably offer to give her my driver’s license) and I’ve never seen her again.

I was recycling the other day and someone just dumped their boxes. So after I put my cardboard in the bin, I broke their boxes down and put them in also. I know they won’t ever be able to pay me back…..they don’t seem like the kind that would.

I love the commercial where someone opens a door for a stranger and the recipient pays it forward and then there is a domino effect all day from that one act of kindness. I try to teach students to pay if forward if someone has been kind to them. I just think it helps them be better adults.

In many cases of doing kind things for others, you are never thanked. That’s never bothered me before……..until now. You see, today, someone did something for me that I can never repay them or even thank them. I was at the drive up window at Starbucks ready to use my reward. When I got the window I was told that it had already been paid for by the person two cars in front of me. I have no idea who it was.

So, to whom it may concern, THANK YOU! Thank you for reminding me that kindness can come when you least expect it. You made my day and you can be assured that I will pay it forward.

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