Kindergarten, Ready or Not!

Everything I need to know to go to Kindergarten, I can learn at home.  Really!

Kindergarten. Emotions are mixed for both parents and children… excited you just can’t stand it or so scare you can’t stand the thought of it.

One of the fears of parents is whether or not their child will be prepared for kindergarten.  Caution:  DON’T OVER PREPARE YOUR CHILD FOR KINDERGARTEN! You set your child up to be bored and you’ll rob your child of the Kindergarten experience.  Your child does NOT need to know how to read to enter Kindergarten.

There are certain concepts your child DOES need to know and you can teach them.  It starts as soon as you and your new baby settle in at home.  I’ll guide you through the process.

Everything I Need To Know To Go To Kindergarten

Love At First Book

Baby Brain Food

Book Smart

Top To Bottom

Drama, Drama, Drama

Where’s The Duck?

It’s Greek To Me

Don’t Break The Table

It’s Still Greek 

Start Talking

I Am Not A Fan, I Am

Stop, Look and Learn

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