Herding Cattle

As a girl from Kansas,  I finally had the pleasure of attending a performance of Wicked at the Fox Theater in Atlanta.  The experience (besides the obvious….wonderful musical, stunning theater and great companionship) left me with cow thoughts.


We quickly head down the steps and follow the herd toward the sign directing us to the ladies’ and men’s rooms.  As we reach the main floor our numbers increase from all directions.   We’re bumped.  We move forward.  We’re bumped again.  We twist our shoulders to edge us closer.

Before we reach the second set of stairs we are funneled into 3 chutes, men on the right and ladies taking the remaining two on the left.  Twenty to ten, to five, to four, three, two and finally, single file to slowly make our way down the path.

Once at the bottom we are directed to an empty stall, much to our relief.  After we emerge again, we pass through the washroom, and we are directed back up the stairs.

“Enjoy the rest of the show”.

While I appreciated the organization and efficiency of moving large numbers of people, especially women, in a short amount of time I couldn’t help wonder……………

Is this how a cow feels?

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