The Soapbox Speech

Ok, where is it?  My soapbox, the  high one, where is it?  It is time for my annual soapbox speech and I need to be prepared!

The new school year is about to begin.  Back to School Night is here.  It’s time for my speech………..

What are you teaching your child?

* If you and your child arrive at school after the tardy bell (remember, your child doesn’t drive, you do), you are teaching them it is OK to be late to work.

* If you let your child stay at home because they had a late night, you are teaching them it is Ok to cut class in college.

* If you let your child turn in homework late because they had a game or practice the night before, you are teaching them athletics is more important that academics.

* If you break the rules, you are teaching your child it is OK to break the rules, including your rules.

And the list goes on …………. remember, your child learns by watching you.  What are you teaching them?

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