Brain Overload

Do you ever have times when you have been given so much information, been asked so many questions and been given so many tasks to accomplish that your brain is just a scrambled mess and you just can’t think anymore?  This is the way my life has been lately Needless to say, the blog has been quiet.  I can’t sit long enough to pull my thoughts together to write an entry.  (Why, do you ask, am I doing it now?  Well, my bags are packed minus one item that is sitting in the hotel room safe waiting on security to come release it from lockup…….. What I did, I have no idea, but now I have some time on my hands.)

Yesterday I took a moment to pop into the session “The Power of Coaching Up”with Bryan Dodge.  The energy coming from the room, just drew me in.  I missed the beginning of the story but I think it went something like this……

He was coaching some sort of little league field sport, either soccer or football, and got tired of all of the sideline coaches…..yes, that would have been the parents.  At some point he invited the sideline coaches to come out on the field and show the little athletes the correct way to play the game.  He also invited the little athletes to become the sideline coaches.  The sideline coaches of course were struggling with their part of the roll playing but the little athletes had NO trouble taking on their roll.  They had watched that roll being played over and over their whole little league athletic career.  They knew just what to yell to those on the field.  “Pay attention, get your head in the game, kick the ball, they were wide open, what were you thinking, why didn’t you………” and so on.  After the experience the sideline coaching became more positive, less negative.

Hmmm………. This summer, have I become the student sitting in a classroom who just can’t concentrate? Does the teacher think I am ADD?   Is the teacher giving me so much information, asking me too many questions, and giving me more tasks than I can handle when all I want is to be left alone to unscramble my brain?

It’s something to think about.

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