A Mat And Three Rounds

What on earth inside of a young boy’s mind gives him the guts to sign up for the wrestling team knowing that he will put on a singlet, go out in the middle of the mat, be flopped around like a fish out of water, maybe go the entire three rounds using all of the strength and willpower he has only to have a 50/50 chance of winning?  In my son’s case the reason was quite simple….he didn’t make the basketball team in 7th grade.  Not surprising.  He really didn’t have an interest in it even though he was the “tall one”.  So he gave wrestling a try, stuck it out the first year, ended up being good at it and ended his career as the state runner-up.  My former students, however, baffle me.  Nine times out of ten they were the quiet, very sensitive kids that never wanted to hurt anyone.  But there they are out on the mat, giving as much as they are taking.  One thing I’ve learned in my years of watching my brother, my son, and my students wrestle is …….if you do put on that singlet, go out on that mat, put yourself out there where all eyes are on you, then you will have the confidence to try just about anything you want to in life.

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