Pretty, Pretty Princess

On share day one of my little girls brought a blue Swarovski box and the scene unfolds like this.  First thought…..fragile, breakage, tears!  Then alarm…”My mother says you have to be the one to open it”.  Oh my gosh, what was her mother thinking?  It’s the size of a small loaf of bread!  Large box, expensive crystal!  Ok, calm down.  You are an adult, you can do this!  Open slowly, keep it away from the edge of the desk.  Slowly….almost there.

A tiara?  Who knew?  Am I the only person unaware of Swarovski’s tiara line?

Not to be in the dark, I had to educate myself via the internet.  After surfing the wedding and pageant sites, I found myself on ebay.  Did you know your child can be a Pretty, Pretty Princess with a crystal tiara for less than $20.00?  This knowledge has opened up new possibilities for me…I see three little Princesses with their very own tiaras in the near future!   Ahhh, it’s good to be the Queen!

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