Love At First Book

A newborn snuggled in your arms…….this is where it begins.  This is where a child begins to know everything they need to know to go to kindergarten.  It’s the truth…. a well known fact that a caregiver is a child’s first teacher.  That’s you!

And this is how you begin.  You read.  You read aloud to the newborn snuggled in your arms.  You’re setting the stage…….”you sit with me and I will read to you”.  Does  baby hear the story?  Of course!  Does  baby understand it?  No, but baby is very content listening to your voice.

Most babies that are introduced to books as a newborn grow up to love books.  Children that love books are usually good readers.  Good readers are usually good writers. Good readers and writers are usually good students.

Isn’t that what we all want for our children?

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