Teach Learn Laugh….the blog

Everything I need to know to teach, learn and laugh I have learned from my two children. Of course I went to college and have a degree in education but I have always felt that being a parent has made me a better teacher.  I’ve watch education either pick my children up or bring them down.  I’ve experience it myself during conferences with their teachers.  I try to teach so my students can be the best they can be and then nudge them a bit to take a chance to go farther.  I try to teach so the parents know I have their child’s best interest in mind in everything we do.  So, do I always do the right thing?  No, I’m human and sometimes life gets in the way of always being able to do what you should be doing and doing it right.

Teach with compassion, Learn something new every day, and Laugh often….it makes you feel better.  Love isn’t in the title of the blog…they didn’t have to teach me that, it was instantaneous the moment I met them!

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